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What if I’m a parent, coach my kid’s team, and also play adult rec. soccer?

You just described the people who built statUP! We coach, play, and parent all at once! 

statUP manages three user roles: athlete, coach, and parent. You can easily manage your child’s statUP profiles by using the “add child” feature and maintain your own account as an athlete all while creating and managing teams as a coach.

What is the cost of statUP?

statUP is free for athletes and parents. Paid and unpaid plans exist for teams. The Full Version Team plan costs $149 a year. A team is up to 20 athletes and can have multiple coaches and managers who have access to statUP’s skill tracking features. The Full Version Annual Team plan saves you $78 a year versus the monthly plan. For more information, see our Pricing Page.

Will this be a big undertaking to set up?

No, statUP is easy to set up. It’s painless skills testing matched with easy to use software. If you can read a coaching exercise, you can do a statUP test. If you can send a text, you can use statUP’s web and mobile software. Stats so easy grandma could do it!

Many of these tests use a stand-still ball, but it’s usually moving in a game. What’s the reasoning?

If you can’t hammer a nail, you can’t build a house. Once you can bend a ball, then it’s time to add complexity like while moving or under pressure. statUP has many more tests coming so you can “level up” and unlock harder versions. Think of it like a video game: you can’t play level 2 until you beat level 1. 

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