Team Pricing

(Parent and Athlete profiles are free.)

Team - Lite

  • Try before you buy

  • 7 Tests

Full Version - Monthly

$288/ year
  • Monthly Billing at $19/month
  • Unlimited Tests

Common Questions

Is it really free for athletes and parents?

Yes! Money shouldn’t be the ingredient that helps athletes reach their dreams or not. We believe in hard work on skills that leads to mastery, so our athlete/parent account is free.

What if our soccer season is off for several months?

Our dream is that coaches still assign homework over summer. But even if you don’t, annual pricing is probably better than monthly – but you’re free to turn it off and turn it back on.

On the Lite plan, can I take the same test multiple times?

Yes! You have access to a limited number of tests, but can take those tests (good ones!) repeatedly.


What if my team disbands?

If your team disbands and your team is on an annual plan, you will earn a team credit. The remaining time on that team credit will be an available credit on your account. You can apply it to another team.


What’s the difference between a parent/athlete account and a team account?

You can’t enter verified stats or create a roster. Athletes and parents enter self-reported “unverified” stats only. A coach must vouch for verified stats using a team account. Your stats are saved and display for your skill improvement, but verification may be desirable in some situations. And you may want to compare a team of athletes.

Additional Questions?

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